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Sunhill Montessori Casa and Kamloops Christian Montessori Preschool

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What Others Say About Us
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Parent Comments:

 ..."You are such an important person to our boys and our family"...   T.  V.
 ..."Our children are very lucky to have you as their teacher & they love coming to school!"...  J . W.
  ..."Her language and letter recognition is so much more developed because of 
your patience and diligence"...  L.B.
 ..."you are such an outstanding part of our  life!"...  M.V.S.
 ..."Thank you for all you bring to our lives"...  C.M.
 ..."We are amazed at how much our son has learned and grateful for his love of learning ... N.E.

Education Professionals

Cheryl is a fun loving, creative educator who children look forward to seeing every day!  She offers a balanced educational program with enthusiasm and dedication.
-B.Campbell,Early Childhood Educator 

Dear Cheryl - I am delighted to hear of your plans to establish a montessori environment  and wish you much success. With your joyful spirit, accomplished skills and enthusiasm you have much to offer the children. Carol Scarratt, Director of Studies, Western Montessori Teachers' College. "

Children's Comments

"I love painting...I'm never going to stop!"
(Overheard at the Salmon Run field trip):
3 year old:  "Those fish are dead!"
5 year old:  "No, they're at the end of their life cycle!"
"Why can't we come to school on Saturday?"
"I'm going to marry Teacher Cheryl!"

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