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Sunhill Montessori Casa and Kamloops Christian Montessori Preschool

The Program
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Based on the concepts of Maria Montessori, our program embraces the social, intellectual, physical, linguistic, and emotional needs of your children aged 3 through 5. 
The beautifully crafted materials call your child to explore with a hands-on experience, the beginning of their learning journey.

Confidence and a sense of accomplishment grow when your child interacts with self correcting activities.

An appreciation for their world is encouraged through cultural studies, the Virtues Project and learning about peacemakers.

Concentration and logical thinking activities keep your child focusing on intriguing tasks.

Small class size allows for the development of close relationships.

Respect....for your child, the classroom, the environment and each other is modelled, taught and encouraged. 

At Kamloops Christian Montessori Preschool, the curriculum is presented within a Christ-centred and Bible-based context. That means in addition to the regular montessori curriculum, our students are learning to strengthen their character, see the world through God’s eyes, and serve others.


Exploring Africa

Beautifying the classroom